Grassroots movements are developing to defend Constitution

With the Parliamentary Research Commission on the Constitution as the main stage, the forces aiming at adverse revision of the Constitution are intensifying their campaign. On the other hand, the cooperation is developing nationwide among a wide range of the public to defend the Constitution.

In Kagawa Prefecture in western Japan, the Kagawa Prefectural Association to Make Full Use of Peaceful Constitution was formed last year by one hundred organizations and 2,000 individuals. The Association has distributed 15,000 leaflets, calling on citizens to remember the Constitution in their daily life.

The Liaison Council of Various Circles for Prevention of Mal-Revision of the Constitution held its 36th national convention on March 24 in Tokyo and decided to strengthen the movement and joint efforts to oppose the adverse revision of the Constitution and make the Constitution applied in the people's daily life.

Haruna Naoaki of the Japanese Communist Party, as a House of Representatives Research Committee on the Constitution member, reported on the committee activity to the convention.

Committee members who argue for a constitutional revision say, "We must not be left behind the times." JCP members in the panel are refuting this by explaining the advanced characteristics of the Constitution. "As a result, the committee has failed to reach a conclusion that the Constitution should be revised because it is too old," he said, adding, "The pro-Constitution members are fewer than the anti-Constitution ones, but we are making a good fight."

The parliamentary research committee plans to hold a public hearing in Sendai City in northeastern Japan and the anti-Constitution forces intend making use of it as their campaign stage. Haruna proposed to make public hearings the place to discuss the superiority of the Constitution and confirm the need of protecting it.

Stressing that the Constitution is the best guide to the 21st century, Haruna called on participants to talk to the public about the Constitution's superiority in their everyday activities. (end)