U.S. fails to give advance notice for nuclear sub entry

A U.S. nuclear attack submarine on April 2 entered the U.S. Sasebo Naval Base in Nagasaki Prefecture without advance notice, Akahata reported on April 3.

The Los Angeles-class submarine Chicago left the port after about one hour.

On April 1, Sasebo City got the Foreign Ministry's advance notification for the use of the port by the USS nuclear submarine Santa Fe on April 2. But the city had been told that the USS Chicago would stay outside of the bay.

The Sasebo Council against A and H Bombs (Sasebo Gensuikyo) organized a protest action.

Yamashita Chiaki, director of the Sasebo Gensuikyo, said, "The U.S. Forces show no remorse for the February collision of a nuclear attack submarine with the Ehime Maru off Hawaii."

The U.S. Forces violated the Japan-U.S. agreement when they failed to give at least 24 hour's advance notice for nuclear vessels to enter.

Yamashita also expressed concern that this latest U.S. action might be aimed at paving the way for free access to the port. "We need to heighten public opinion to block any further violations of the national sovereignty of Japan," he added. (end)