Akahata street interviews show economy is people's primary concern

An Akahata survey on the street about "What do you expect the most from politics?" have revealed that the biggest concerns of the people are for cuts in the consumption tax rate, a review of wasteful public works projects, better pension, nursing care insurance, and social welfare systems, and the eradication of corruptions.

On April 12 Akahata carried out the survey in the weekday's busy afternoon in front of JR Shinbashi Station, a business district of Tokyo, and got responses from about 60 people, including entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

Among the four items of people's biggest concerns (selected by more than 21 respondents), the highest was the demand for a "review of expenditure on wasteful public works projects" ( 28 respondents).

The fifth highest concern was about corporate restructuring and an resultant unemployment. Sixteen people demanded the measures to regulate corporate restructuring and create jobs.

A 70-year-old man, who runs an event-organizing business said, "Cuts in the consumption tax rate is the first thing to be done as a measure against the ongoing recession. Just a one-percent cut could ease the consumer confidence and boost personal consumption." He went on to say, "Measures for the disposal of non-performing loans should come after increasing consumption."

A 48-year-old woman, construction company employee, said, "After my father fell ill, I found the pension is not someone else's concern but it is mine."

A corporate employee in a managerial position said, "I'm not a JCP supporter, but I wish it will do well because it is the cleanest political party." (end)