South Korea's parliamentarian in sit-in shakes hands with JCP Yoshioka

A South Korean member of parliament, Kim Young-jin of the New Millennium Democratic Party, is carrying out a sit-in night and day in front of the Japanese Diet in protest against the history textbook praising Japan's war of aggression.

On April 13, the third day of Kim's sit-in, Japanese Communist Party House of Councilors member Yoshioka Yoshinori visited and encouraged him. Yoshioka shook hands with Kim, saying that they will work together to address the question which seriously affects the future of Japan and the rest of Asia.

Kim said, "The attempt to teaching a false history to junior high school students should not be tolerated." He said he wants Japan to join with the forces which promote reconciliation and cooperation in the 21st century.

He also said that he heard Japan's true conscience throbbing in the words of encouragement and solidarity given to him by citizens and parliamentarians. (end)