JCP Shii talks politics on Radio Nippon

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo has characterized the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komei Party as the worst ever coalition partners.

This was in answer to Nagano Sukenari, political critic, on Radio Nippon program "Key persons of the political world" broadcast on April 15.

Since the Komei Party joined the government, undemocratic steering of the Diet has increased as the ruling parties use their force of numbers more frequently than under the LDP single-handed government, Shii said.

He pointed out that Soka Gakkai, the Komei Party's parent religious organization, manipulates politics behind the scenes and now such a gigantic religious organization has become more involved with political power.

Asked about the LDP presidential election for a successor of Former Prime Minister Mori Yoshiro, Shii criticized that the four candidates are all responsible for Japan's economic crisis and for helping prolong the life of the Mori Cabinet. None of these candidates can form a new political current, Shii added.

Shii said the JCP wants the House of Councilors election in July to be an opportunity to pass judgment on the LDP-Komei alliance which tramples down the people. He said that the JCP will discuss what kind of strength Japan needs to create a new politics. (end)