JCP chair and top business leader meet for the first time to discuss economy

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on May 9 visited the Japanese Association of Corporate Executives in Tokyo for talks with its leader Kobayashi Yotaro. It was the first time that the JCP chair and a top business leader meet to exchange views.

The two leaders' discussion was focused on the JCP emergency economic proposal published in March. Although they differed on approaches to the tax system and "structural reforms," there were points of agreement regarding the need to substantially reduce public works projects and to end unpaid overtime work. The two promised to hold more talks in the future.Kobayashi said, "The people's common desire is to get the Japanese economy in better shape. Therefore I want to talk with you on specific steps and goals which the task entails, setting aside political differences."

JCP Chair Shii said the view that the JCP is hostile to large corporations is based on a misunderstanding. He explained that the JCP aims at reforming politics and the economy which are dysfunctional because of their excessive favors to large corporations. (end)