JCP Fuwa calls for greater efforts to join forces with wide-range of people to change politics

In a major campaign speech on May 14, Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo called for strenuous efforts to seize the opportunity to change politics by joining forces with the broadest possible sections of the people in the coming elections.

This was at a speech assembly the JCP held to boost its activities in preparation for the June 24 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election and the House of Councilors election to be held in July. More than 23,000 Japanese Communist Party members and supporters filled Budokan, Tokyo's largest marshall arts arena, as well as a neighboring hall.

Analyzing Koizumi's slogan, "Change Japan, change the Liberal Democratic Party," which has attracted many people, Fuwa emphasized that the new government's policy is one of shifting a heavier burden onto working people. As examples, he cited the plan to write-off major bank's bad loans, continuation with wasteful public works projects, and cuts in social welfare budgets by calling for "self-help."

Fuwa pointed out that Koizumi's plan for the "privatization of the postal service" is based on the idea which emanated from financial circles and is without regard for the people's interest.

On the Constitution's Article 9, Fuwa stressed that the burning issue is constitutional changes linked to the conservative forces' plan to pave the way for sending Japanese troops into military operations abroad.

He also underlined that the JCP and the Social Democratic Party are in agreement on the defense of the constitutional principle of peace.

The need now is for JCP members and supporters to begin speaking about the hidden aspects of the Koizumi cabinet and informing the public at large of the true value of the JCP, Fuwa said. (end)