Divided opinion between opposition parties won't hinder cooperation: JCP

Despite the Democratic Party of Japan as an opposition party competing with the Koizumi Cabinet for "structural reforms," the Japanese Communist Party does not regard this to be a hindrance to cooperation between opposition parties.

JCP Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi stated the JCP views in answer to a reporter's question regarding the DPJ urging the government to accelerate "structural reforms" on May 14.

Ichida said that cooperation between opposition parties is aimed at driving the ruling coalition parties into a corner by their common action based on agreed points, setting aside differences of opinions on such policy issues as the consumption tax, collective right to self-defense, and "structural reform."

Ichida said that the JCP is willing to openly discuss policies on which opinions differ with other opposition parties, and does not think that debates cause antagonism in the opposition camp in the parliament.

He added that the discussion in the current Diet session has shed light on the differences in policies between opposition parties, which were unclear before. He said that the people have come to understand the JCP position that cooperation between opposition parties in an election is possible only when there is agreement on policies. (end)