JCP Dietmember on South Korean reaction to history textbook

The South Korean government on May 8 requested changes in descriptions in junior high school history textbooks which have cleared the screening by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Commenting on this new development, Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors Yoshioka Yoshinori said that such a request was appropriate.

The comment was reported by Akahata on May 9.

Yoshioka stated that how history is described and taught to the people in Japan is a matter that concerns Korean history.

He said that the Korean people cannot forget about a series of unequal treaties and the annexation forced by Japan with its military power.

Yoshioka said that the Korean government's request on this matter does not amount to interference in Japan's internal affairs .

On the contrary, the Japanese government must take responsibility to solve the problem, he said.

He went on to say that to approve textbooks which distort and glorify Japan's war of aggression and colonization of Korea is tantamount to endorsing the attempt to justify Japan's past mistakes, and it conflicts with the remorse and apology the Japanese government has expressed to Korea in the past. (end)