Progressive Unity Forum proves itself as major progressive movement : JCP Fuwa

Looking back on the 20 years of the Progressive Unity Forum (Kakushinkon) movement, Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo commended the movement as representing a great cause of progressive change.

This was in the speech at the annual Kakushinkon assembly held on May 26 in Tokyo.

The National Forum for Peace, Democracy, and Progressive Unity (Progressive Unity Forum or Kakushinkon) was established in 1981 after the then Socialist Party and the Komei Party agreed to exclude the Japanese Communist Party from any effort toward establishing a coalition government.

In retrospect, Fuwa pointed out that setting up a broad-based body dedicated to the united front movement was wise and in conformity with the tradition in Japan, Fuwa pointed out.

Fuwa said that the Kakushinkon movement was significant because it respects common actions based on demands, and recognizes common action not only with political parties but also with individuals and organizations.

Fuwa compared this with European experiences in which choosing political parties as partners was considered the most important. In Italy, he said, everything began by choosing the parties to work with. And this restricted the goals and the character of the united front. This was why the demand for Italy's withdrawal from NATO was taken out from their slogan.

Fuwa said that the Kakushinkon movement, based on a policy different from that in Europe, achieved a great development in the last 20 years, clearly demonstrating its role as the major progressive movement. He said: "In the 20 years, three common demands which Kakushinkon has upheld (better living standards, democracy, and the abrogation of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty) have proved to be effective and appropriate as progressive platforms."

Fuwa also drew attention to the fact that this movement is presently developing into a center for common activities between the JCP and non-party voters. He said that this type of cooperation now constitutes the norm, and the on-going development of the dialogue between the JCP and religious people and groups shows that the formula is effective. (end)