Japanese and South Korean media unions work together to achieve common understanding of history

As distorted views of history are about to penetrate the nation's schools through the controversial history textbook that has been recently approved, Japanese and South Korean mass-media workers' unions have decided to join hands to enhance a common understanding of history in both countries.

Japan's Mass Media Information & Culture (MIC) and the Korean Federation of Press Unions (KFPU) on June 2 held a symposium in Tokyo with 160 people (including 22 South Koreans) attending.

The symposium adopted a communique expressing hope that Japanese and South Korean children will realize true reconciliation and friendship and that both peoples will take a step forward toward forming a common understanding of history.

Pointing out that there is no surge of anti-Japanese nationalism in South Korea and that many Japanese are concerned about history education in schools, Ha Jong-Mun, professor at South Korea's Hanshin University, emphasized that there is a good chance to further develop solidarity between the Japanese and Korean peoples.

The KFPU will hold a symposium in Seoul on July 2 with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and North Korean union representatives. (end)