Scholars are networking themselves against 'dangerous' textbooks

In the campaign against the history textbook authored by the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform, scholars, including prominent historians, launched a national network on May 29 to strengthen public criticism of the textbook. They state, "We cannot pass on such a dangerous textbook to children."

Five scholars, including Ota Takashi (professor emeritus of Tokyo University) and Yamazumi Masami (professor emeritus of Tokyo Metropolitan University), took the initiative in starting up the liaison organization to oppose the Society's history and civics textbooks for junior high schools and the government authorization of them.

Since January, public criticism is on the rise. About 270 study meetings were held in various forms throughout the country by those who oppose the textbooks.

The network, a loose liaison, is planning to hold speech assemblies and symposiums to raise public awareness on how badly the textbooks are distorting history.

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