Shii talks with local business people in Uji City, Kyoto

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on June 2 discussed the "economic reform" promoted by the Koizumi Cabinet with business people of Uji City in Kyoto Prefecture.

The assembly was held by the local JCP and was attended by about 150 people, including local government officials, corporate executives, shop owners, and scholars.

The JCP district committees had sent out invitations to 300 people.

The high turnout reflected the economic concerns of local business people and citizens in the face of the business failures of two regional banks and the plant closure of Nissan, adding to local financial difficulties and dealing a heavy blow to the local economy as a whole.

Shii stressed that what is happening in Kyoto will also take place throughout the country as a result of the government policy of allowing banks to write off non-performing loans. This will result in more bankruptcies of regional financial institutions, he said. (end)

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