JCP seats increased after six mid-term local elections

Eight Japanese Communist Party candidates were elected in six mid-term local elections on June 24, securing one extra JCP seat compared with the previous elections.

In the Saitama Prefectural Assembly by-election, the JCP won its 11th seat in the assembly, exceeding the Komei Party to become the second largest party in the assembly.

In Tokyo's Akiruno City Assembly election, all 4 JCP candidates were elected and maintained the four JCP seats up for election, in spite of the cut in the number of assembly seats by two. In the Nishikawa Town Assembly election in Niigata Prefecture, the JCP newcomer was elected, maintaining the JCP seat held by his predecessor.

In the Funabashi City Assembly election in Chiba Prefecture, a new JCP candidate was elected to the 9th JCP seat in the assembly. In the Ani Town Assembly election in Akita Prefecture, a new JCP candidate was elected, and the first JCP representative took her place in the town assembly.

In Iwate Prefecture's Miyako city Assembly by-election, the JCP candidate was elected uncontested. For the first time, the JCP got 3 seats in the assembly which gives the party the right to propose bills. (end)