Peace Committee heads for base-free Japan

The Japan Peace Committee (JPC) has demonstrated its determination to increase its movement at the grassroots level to achieve a Japan without U.S. military bases. The JPC held its 51st National Congress in Saitama City on June 30 and July 1.

Suda Hiroshi, JPC secretary general, criticized Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro for upgrading the Japan-U.S. military alliance to assume a more dangerous role by allowing Japan to take part in U.S. wars.

Fudesaka Hideyo, House of Councilors member, spoke on behalf of the Japanese Communist Party.

Analyzing Prime Minister Koizumi's "reform," Fudesaka said that it is no different from the successive Liberal Democratic Party governments, and that his "reform" plans are aimed at bringing Japan into the U.S. war strategy under the name of collective self-defense. (end)