Three education-related laws adversely revised

The School Education Law and two other education-related laws were adversely revised in the House of Councilors plenary session on June 29.

The Japanese Communist Party voted against them. The ruling Liberal Democratic, Komei, and Conservative parties, plus the opposition Democratic Party of Japan and part of the Social Democratic Party, reneging on an opposition agreement to block these drafts, supported them.

Taking the rostrum of the Upper House, JCP Hatano Kimie said, "These bills on the revision of the laws will only help intensify competition between pupils at school, and reinforce control on teachers through regulation of education."

The more the Diet debates proceed, the more contradictions we find in the new laws. The JCP sternly protests against the ruling parties for forcibly putting them to the vote in the Upper House at the end of the current Diet session.

Almost everyday, members of the All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union (Zenkyo) petitioned the Diet, calling for opposition to this adverse legislation. (end)