150 Buddhists parade in Kyoto against revision of Constitution's no-war clause

In Kyoto City, which has two head temples of Japan's major Buddhist sect Jodo Shinshu, about 150 priests and laypeople paraded through the city on July 8 in opposition to constitutional revision.

The march, "joint action against war and for peace," is the second such action by the two groups. "Life has no place for soldiers and weapons," is the slogan which these religious people upheld.

The organizers of the march said that they are concerned that Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro's art of public speaking may be a cover for fascism. They proposed to develop a day-to-day movement to foil the moves toward militaristic nationalism.

A Jodo Shinshu group in Fukuoka City in the Kyushu district wrote to Prime Minister Koizumi not to carry out his planned official visit to Yasukuni Shrine on August 15. (end)