Chronology: Incidents caused by U.S. military personnel in Okinawa in 2001

A Marine sergeant lifts up a high school girl's skirt in Kin Town.
14 A staff member of a U.S. Navy hospital hits a woman bar owner.
15 A Marine sets bars and restaurants in Chatan Town on fire.
20 The same Marine commits other arson attacks in the district. Five stores are burnt down.
26 U.S. college students living at Kadena Air Base set fire to three cars after spraying gasoline at three spots in Sashiki Town.

Rifle-carrying Marines strut around in Naha City.
17 A U.S. Army staff sergeant of a special operation corps breaks the windshield wiper of a civilian car and kicks a prefectural police car. He was caught red-handed in the act of damaging property.

A Marine shoots plastic bullets at two Japanese base workers who are delivering piazzas inside U.S. Camp Courtney.
28 A U.S. Marine driver scrapes a car (which he stole) into a police car and runs away.

A car driven by a Marine officer hits two Japanese boys on a motorcycle, and runs away.
23 U.S. Air Force staff sergeants steal a car TV at a car supply shop in Chatan Town.

A U.S. Air Force staff sergeant commits a sexual assault on a women in Chatan. (end)