JCP sends message to celebrate CPC's 80th founding anniversary

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee sent a message to the Communist Party of China on the CPC 80th founding anniversary (July 1). The gist of the message was carried in the People's Daily on July 3, as well as by other major newspapers in China. The full text of the message is as follows:

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party offers its congratulations on the 80th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

The JCP and the CPC, founded one after another in the same era, have achieved development up till now on their respective courses in accordance with their conditions and historical experiences and through overcoming various difficulties.

Our two parties have had close historical relations, including international solidarity in the struggle against the war of aggression by Japanese militarism against China.

In the course of our long history, there was a period in which our
bilateral relations were broken due to friction during the 'Great Cultural Revolution,' and in 1998, after 31 years of separation, JCP-CPC relations were normalized as the result of extensive talks. Our two parties are now making progress in exchanges and friendship. It is with special feeling that the JCP sees the CPC celebrate its 80th anniversary.

The JCP expresses its strong hope that the CPC will make further efforts to build a society which will meet the needs of the majority of the Chinese people, and contribute to enhancing peace and stability of Asia and the rest of the world and developing friendship with Japan. (end)