JCP Shii urges P.M. Koizumi to immediately call on U.S. to hand over suspect accused of rape in Okinawa

Amidst growing anger of Okinawans against the June 29 rape of a young Japanese woman by a U.S. Air Force serviceman, Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on July 5 made representations to Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro, demanding that the government immediately start negotiations with the U.S. government so that the accused be handed over to Japan without delay.

At a press conference explaining the reason why the U.S. is delaying in handing over the accused, Shii said that Japan's prime minister, who failed to take any action on the matter with the U.S., is most responsible.

In the Japan-U.S. summit talks, P.M. Koizumi didn't refer to this rape issue at all, Shii stated.

Quoting Pentagon spokesman Craig Quigley as saying at a July 3 Pentagon press briefing that the U.S. authorities are paying considerate attention to the human rights of each service member in U.S. uniform, either men or women, Shii said that Washington's position that the suspect's human rights must be respected is extremely humiliating for us. Such an irresponsible attitude must not be allowed, Shii stressed. (end)