JCP appeal at the start of the House of Councilors election

At the official start of the House of Councilors election campaign on July 12, the Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party issued an appeal calling on voters to entrust the JCP with their desire to change the fundamentals of LDP politics.

Pointing out that despite its promise to change Liberal Democratic Party politics, the Koizumi Cabinet faithfully follows what the LDP government has done so far contrary to what the people called for.

The JCP appeal referred to (1) the so-called "reform" plans which shift heavier burdens on people and small- and medium-sized businesses, and extend generous treatment to the major banks; (2) diplomacy subservient to the United States; and (3) the cover-up of corruption.

The appeal says that the JCP challenges the Koizumi Cabinet to a bold change in politics truly serving the public interest. It calls for greater emphasis on social security programs, economic activities under certain rules, and nation building that stands firmly for the Constitution's Article 9, which bans Japan from participating in wars and maintaining armed forces.

The JCP in this election raises three major issues of the day: (1) economic recovery, (2) national and local fiscal reconstruction, and (3) the quest for peace by defending Article 9 of the Constitution. (end)

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