JCP leaders speak on 79th founding anniversary

The Japanese Communist Party held a speech assembly on August 10 to mark
its 79th founding anniversary. The JCP came into being on July 15, 1922.

Before an audience of over 2,000, JCP Executive Committee Chair Shii
Kazuo spoke on the "House of Councilors election results and perspective of
'Remaking Japan'," followed by JCP Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo
whose topic was "The tide of the 21st century from the angle of the House of
Councilors election results."

Shii pointed to the JCP's achievements during the past ten years in
comparison with Liberal Democratic Party politics which has deepened its
crisis in the same period.

Referring to JCP efforts in the House of Councilors election amidst a
"whirlwind" caused by Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro, Shii said that such
efforts will surely bring about gains in future JCP activities.

Fuwa called on party members and supporters to be convinced and proud of
the JCP's history of undaunted struggle, and to make its further advance in
the new century.

Fuwa emphasized the unreplaceable role the JCP played in the struggle
against the war of aggression at the cost of lives of party members. He
called for making special efforts to overcome the adverse current that
eulogizes the war of aggression, and for Japan to adopt a self-reliant

Commenting on the JCP's role in Japan's present-day and future politics,
Fuwa said that no whirlwind or political maneuvers can be powerful enough to
defeat the resolute fighting spirit of JCP members.

On behalf of five JCP House of Councilors members who were returned in
the latest election, Kami Tomoko and Ogata Yasuo made speeches. (end)