Nagasaki mayor criticizes 'super power' for unilaterally avoiding agreement for nuclear disarmament

In the 56th Peace Memorial Ceremony at the Peace Park in Nagasaki City,
Mayor Ito Iccho criticized the 'super big nuclear state' for unilaterally
undermining the international agreement on nuclear disarmament.

Mayor Ito referred to this in the Declaration for Peace from Nagasaki.
Though not mentioned by name, he actually criticized the U.S. for its
missile defense plan and moves to scrap the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

The mayor called on the Japanese government to organize an international
meeting for concluding a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, and to establish
friendly relations between Japan and its neighboring countries by paying
respect to constitutional principles of peace and looking squarely at the
historic facts of Japan's war of aggression.

Nagasaki's mayor also called for releasing Japan free from the 'nuclear
umbrella,' and for legislation of the Three Non-Nuclear Principles (not to
possess, not to manufacture, or not to allow nuclear weapons to be brought
into Japan).

During the past year, 2,439 atomic bomb survivors have died, and the
number of total A-bomb victims in Nagasaki City since 1945 reached 126,630.

At 11:02 a.m., participants in the peace ceremony paid silent tribute to
the victims. On behalf of the Japanese Communist Party, Ishii Ikuko, vice
chair, offered flowers in front of the peace monument.

Ikeda Sanae, representing Hibakusha, read out a pledge for peace, saying
that he would work together with the youth for the complete ban of nuclear
weapons. (end)