Statement on problems relating to Japanese History Textbook
and Prime Minister's Yasukuni Shrine Visit

Working together for the abolition of nuclear weapons and firmly standing
for peace, mutual understanding and friendship between Asian countries and
Japan, we express our deep concern and strong indignation over the Japanese
government's approval of the "New History Textbook" and the Japanese Prime
Minister's plan to visit Yasukuni Shrine.

We cannot tolerate any attempt to distort or gloss over the historical fact
of the war of aggression and of colonial domination by Japanese militarism
because it only helps undermine good neighborly relations and mutual
understanding between Japan and the rest of Asia and seriously threaten
Asian peace. If Japanese government continues this attitude, it can not but
be isolated in Asia and deepen the contradiction.

As an expression of solidarity with the Japanese peace movement which is
pressing its government to truly reflect on the past war of aggression in
Asia, representatives of peace movements in Asian countries, including
China, Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam, which were invaded and colonized
by Japanese militarism, call on the Japanese government to:

- Sincerely listen to Asian nations strongly criticizing the Japanese
government, revoke its approval of the history textbook directed by the
"Japanese Society of History Textbook Reform" which glorifies the Japanese
war of aggression and not repeat the same mistake in the future.
- Cancel the plan of the Prime Minister's official visit to Yasukuni
Shrine, which was used to mobilize the Japanese people to the war of
aggression and which enshrines war criminals even today.

Hiroshima, August 5, 2001

Niu Qiang / Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament
Lee Yu Jin / Green Korea United
Corazon Fabros / Nuclear-Free Philippines Coalition
Duy Thuy Quach / Vietnam Peace Committee
Resolve of Japanese Peace Movement on the Statement by Four Representatives
of Peace Movements in Asia


We welcome and fully support the statement.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was unjustifiable by any
standard. At the same time, we recognize that it has close connections with
the war of aggression by Japanese militarism. The Japanese Movement
against A and H Bombs therefore has demanded that the Japanese government,
while criticizing the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
fundamentally reflect on its past war of aggression against and
colonization of Asian countries.

There are planned actions on the occasion of the war termination, August
15th 2001. We would like to reiterate our determination to do our utmost in
order to successfully organize them.

Kouichi Akamatsu / Japan Council against A and H Bombs
Tomoyasu Kawai / Japan Congress of Scientists
Mitsuo Sato / Japan Council against A and H Bombs
Hiroshi Suda / Japan Peace Committee

*Simultaneous actions in Asia and the world are suggested on August 15th
2001, the 56th anniversary of the defeat of Japanese militarism in WWII and
the planned date of Japanese prime minister's visit to Yasukuni Shrine.
Various forms of protest actions are expected towards Japanese government,
embassies and consulates in respective countries, such as mass rallies and
performances, sending messages by fax, e-mail, postcard, etc.

We support the statement by four Asian representatives and will join in the
actions for the objectives mentioned.