World Conference against A & H Bombs held in Hiroshima

More than 2,000 people (including 45 overseas delegates from 20
countries) attended the World Conference against A & H Bombs in Hiroshima on
August 6 at the Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium.

As the rally (which followed the International Meeting) opened, messages
from the prime ministers of New Zealand and Sweden were read.

Anzai Ikuo, the World Conference Drafting Committee chairperson, reported
on the Declaration of the International Meeting. Calling on the participants
to take action in line with the Declaration, he said, "It is our movement
that can change the world."

At a panel discussion, anti-nuclear peace activists of the nuclear
weapons states, the U.S., Britain, France and India, exchanged opinions
about how to push their countries into carrying out the elimination of
nuclear weapons, which they have promised.

Fujiwara Kiyotaka, Kimita Village head of Hiroshima Prefecture, reported
on the local activity against U.S. military aircraft low-altitude flight
bombing exercises.

Representing Hibakusha who have lived 56 years after the atomic bombing
in Hiroshima, Murata Tadahiko of Hiroshima Confederation of A and H Bombs
Sufferers Organizations (Hidankyo) and Kwak Kwin Hoon, a Korean Hibakusha
who has filed a suit calling for the Hibakusha Aid Law to cover the
Hibakusha who live abroad, reported on the damage caused by the bombing and
the Japanese government's cold attitude.

The World Conference - Hiroshima adopted the "Hiroshima Appeal." (end)