JCP Renews its Determination to Fight for Peace in Asia and World
At the 56th anniversary of Japan's defeat in World War II, the JCP statement expressed its resolve to fight against every attempt to disregard the lessons of history and every attempt to reverse history.

Restructuring Plans in Electronics Industry Will See Dozens of Thousands of Jobs Go
Japan's electronics giants, encouraged by the government's "structural reform" policy, have recently announced mass restructuring plans, using the "IT recession" as the excuse.

Public Schools Reject Rightist History Textbook
Rightists' desperate efforts to have the nation's junior high schools adopt a history textbook which justifies Japan's war of aggression have resulted in failure.



Japan's major newspapers refuse to carry South Koreans' opinion ad on school textbooks
Public schools reject rightist history textbook

Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine refused to announce Korean war victims' names enshrined as "war heroes"

Anniversary of WWII's end
Lessons of history continue to live in 21st century--Akahata editorial (excerpts) on 56th anniversary of the War's end, August 15, 2001
JCP renews its determination to fight for peace in Asia and world
JCP calls for friendship with Asian nations on anniversary of Japan's defeat in WWII

Japan gives extraordinarily generous "host nation support" to stationing of U.S. troops in Japan
U.S. naval vessel to call at Himeji Port to undermine 'non-nuclear Kobe formula'
U.S. nuclear submarine visits have not been reduced

Call for upgrading Defense Agency is in conjunction with wartime legislation and collective self-defense

Government's inability to boost economy is cause of a vicious circle -- Akahata editorial, August 16, 2001 (excerpts)
Commercial mass media's role in describing Koizumi as champion of reform
Koizumi's social services reform will only worsen people's living conditions- -- Akahata editorial, August 21, 2001 (excerpts)

Suicide increases as unemployment rate rises in Japan
Small action of McDonald's Japan employee for basic rights may have ripple effect
Workers to strike back at Fuji Film's union-busting tactic disguised as bankruptcy
Restructuring plans in electronics industry will see dozens of thousands of jobs go

Fuwa attends Indonesian independence day reception

Kobayashi Eizo