U.S. warships enter Himeji and Nagoya ports in defiance of protests

The U.S. guided missile cruiser Vincennes and the guided missile frigate
Gary, both U.S. 7th Fleet ships forward deployed to Yokosuka Port in Tokyo
Bay, entered Himeji Port (Hyogo Pref.) and Nagoya Port (Aichi Pref.)

respectively on August 28 in complete disregard of local residents' strong

In Himeji City, the port workers' union, the local Peace Committee, and

the local Council against A & H Bombs (Gensuikyo) took the initiative in
organizing a protest meeting on Aug. 26. About 700 participants adopted a
resolution expressing opposition to the use of Himeji Port for military

In Nagoya City, the Aichi Prefectural Action Committee for the
Abrogation of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty led a protest rally on Aug. 27
in the center of the city with 170 people attending.

Izuhara Tadashi, vice chair of the Prefectural Trade Union Federation
warned that the Gary's entry into Nagoya Port is an exercise in
anticipation of the future U.S. use of the port in the event of U.S.
military intervention in Asia and the Pacific.

The Aegies guided missile cruiser Vincennes is a Ticonderoga-class
cruiser carrying about 350 crew. The Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided
missile frigate Gary carries about 300 personnel. (end)