Symposium to mark non-aligned movement to be held in Tokyo

An international symposium to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding
of the Non-aligned Movement will be held at the International Conference
Center of Waseda University in Tokyo on September 15-16.

Organized by the Japan Asia Africa Latin America Solidarity Committee
(Japan AALA), the symposium will discuss efforts to achieve the principle of
respect for national sovereignty and peace, and eradicate hunger and poverty
from our planet.

The organizers say they want to use this event as an opportunity to
strengthen ties between the Japanese people who wish to build a nuclear-free
non-aligned Japan and the peoples of non-aligned countries.

The following people are expected to attend the symposium as panelists:

Morad GHALEB, president of the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity
Organization (AAPSO);

Rachadi ISKANDAR, director for administration and finance at the NAM
Center for South-South Technical Cooperation and former Indonesian
ambassador to South Africa;

Pham Van CHUONG, president of Vietnam Committee for Afro-Asian, Latin
American Solidarity and Cooperation;

Julio A. MURIENTE Perez, president of the New Movement for Independence
of Puerto Rico (NMIP);

OGATA Yasuo, Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors
and director of the JCP International Bureau; and

SUGIE Eiichi, professor emeritus of Chukyo University.

For more information, contact Japan AALA at +81-3-5363-3470. (end)