For Elimination of Terrorism, not by Military Retaliation, but by Pursuing Justice Letter to heads of Government in relation to the coordinated series of terrorist attacks in the U.S.

JCP condemns brutal and sinister synchronous multiple terrorist attacks in the U.S

JCP condemns terrorist attacks in the U.S.
Japanese Communist Party Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo on September 12 condemned the series of terrorist attacks in the U.S. as brutal and sinister synchronous multiple terrorist attacks.

For a new era of Japan-U.S. relations without military alliance
Fifty years have passed since the conclusion of the "Security Treaty between Japan and the United States of America." Now we should re-examine if Japan, which constitutionally renounced forever the use or the threat to use force, should continue with the military alliance in the 21st century.

JCP calls for launching national struggle against corporate restructuring
The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee has called on the people to develop a national struggle against corporate restructuring.


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Peace Committee holds study meeting to discuss ways to end military alliance with the U.S.
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0.8 percent drop in GDP is a signal calling for political change: JCP
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Major pub chain to pay employees 2.1 billion yen in unpaid overtime
McDonald's part-time workers thank a trade unionist for improvement in their working condition

Extra pain to be imposed by proposed medical system adverse revision
Citizens take action to defend public children's hospital

Foreign Ministry official arrested for alleged embezzlement in conspiracy with hotel employees
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JCP Dietmembers attend reception on DPRK founding anniversary