Fuwa explains JCP letter to heads of government on terrorist attacks in the

At a news conference the Japanese Communist Party held on September 17 to
explain the letter the JCP issued on September 17 in relation to terrorist
attacks in the U.S., Fuwa Tetsuzo, JCP Central Committee chair, stressed the
need for international cooperation to drive terrorist forces into a corner.

The letter, jointly signed by Fuwa and Shii Kazuo, JCP Executive
Committee chair, was sent to heads of government via embassies in Tokyo.

Fuwa made the following points:

By sending the letter, the JCP intends to help develop an international
front to contain and completely isolate terrorists.

Military retaliation will cause cracks in any attempt at international
cooperation against terrorism over the pros and cons of a war against them,
which, in certain circumstances, will be rather beneficial to terrorists.

Terrorism can be eliminated only by pursuing justice according to
international law. This is the only way for establishing an international
unity to this end.

The JCP will also inform the Japanese government of the JCP letter to
leaders of foreign governments. The Japanese government is now considering
possible steps to be taken in case of U.S. military retaliation, and the JCP
now wants to point out problems involved in the government plan. What
matters is attitude toward terrorism.

The JCP letter was handed by JCP Dietmembers to all the embassies in
Tokyo, including member countries of the United Nations Security Council,
and NATO, as well as Asian countries.

The JCP also sent the letter to U.N. General Secretary Kofi Annan and to
media organizations. A copy of the letter was sent to Prime Minister Koizumi
Jun'ichiro. (end)