JCP chair talks with Chinese friendship society vice chair

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on September 11 received Chen
Yongchang, vice chair of the China-Japan Friendship Society and the Chinese
Association for International Understanding, at the JCP head office

This is the first visit for China's friendship society leadership since
the relations between the JCP and the Communist Party of China were
normalized in 1998, followed by the normalization of relations between the
society and the Japan-China Friendship Association.

In the talks, Chen stated that the political basis of Japan-China
friendship has been harmed by the history textbook problem and the Yasukuni
Shrine visit by Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro. Stressing the need to
create a sound atmosphere to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the
normalization of Japan-China relations next year, Chen said that the JCP is
expected to make further efforts for the peaceful development of Japan and
the world.

Shii expressed a heartfelt welcome for Chen's visit and mentioned the
five principles governing relations between Japan and China, which JCP
Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo proposed at the July 1998 JCP-CPC
summit talks in Beijing.

Five principles: 1.Japan should strictly reflect on its past war of
aggression; 2. Japan should stick by the "one-China" policy in international
relations; 3. There should be no interference by Japan and China in each
other's affairs and peaceful relations based on co-existence should be
maintained; 4. Japan and China should solve all problems by peaceful
negotiations; 5. Japan and China should cooperate with each other for peace
in Asia and the rest of the world. (ed.)

In view of the subsequent process, Shii said, the five principles are
increasing in significance. Especially, in the light of the recently growing
adverse moves such as the rightists' history textbook issue, to maintain the
first principle that "Japan should strictly reflect on its past war of
aggression" is extremely important, Shii said.

Shii pointed out the double talk of some Japanese politicians on the
issue of Japan's war of aggression, saying that they express "reflection" in
their public statements while claiming that "it was a just war" behind the

Recent moves with the history textbook and the Yasukuni Shrine visit show
that the forces for a retrogressive slide are openly attempting to be fully
accepted in Japan, said Shii, expressing the JCP's firm determination to
fight against such a move.

Nishiguchi Hikaru, JCP International Bureau director who took part in the
talks, referred to increasing mutual exchanges coordinated by the two
friendship organizations: a "peace tour on the 70th anniversary of the
Liutiaohu Incident on September 18, 1931," in which about 350 Japanese
people will take part, and a Japan-China 'Go' game match.

Both sides shared views that exchanges between civil organizations will
greatly promote relations between the two countries.

Shii and Chen also exchanged views on Japan's political situation and the
JCP-CPC relation. (end)