Nanko Town Mayor Yamada recalls his 30 years' career as JCP member

Yamada Kenzo, who has served as Nanko Town mayor in Hyogo Prefecture for
the past 21 years, received from the Japanese Communist Party Central
Committee a certificate that he has been a JCP member for 30 years. In his
essay carried on Akahata on September 13, he said:

I have received a certificate and a badge from the JCP Central Committee
through the JCP Nishihari District Committee which I belong to, celebrating
my 30th anniversary of joining the JCP.

The certificate states, "Since its founding, the JCP has carried out
consistent and indomitable struggles for the liberation of the working class
and people from exploitation and oppression. Celebrating your 30 years'
activity as a JCP member, the JCP Central Committee presents you this
certificate and badge."

Reading this with deep emotion, I recalled the earlier days of my career
in the JCP and what I have done during the past 30 years. I am happy and
want to thank the party for the various experiences it has given to me.

After graduating from a university, I was employed by a private company
and assigned to its factory management section. In doing my first job at the
factory, I was faced with the contradiction in the reality of capitalist
society which puts profit first over human needs. I had to measure factory
workers' job performance using speed per second.

When I was a student, I read works of Marx, Engels, and Lenin and was
struck by a new world outlook based on scientific socialism. My experience
in society made me realize keenly how important it is to establish a society
in which workers play a leading role.

In 1971, my first year as a worker, I accepted the invitation of my
fellow workers and joined the JCP.

After working at the company for five years, first in the factory and
later in a sales office, I became a full-time JCP official of its Nishihari
District Committee.

In 1980, I ran for Nanko Town mayor and was elected; 21 years have passed
since then and I am now in my sixth term as the town head. I have been the
town head for two thirds of my 30 years' career in the JCP.

My first victory in the election was reported in the mass media as a
"dramatic victory close to a miracle." I have won elections uncontested
three times, for my third, fifth and sixth terms.

In every election, even when I was the only candidate, I felt tense
because it is the time for me to get the town people's direct assessment of
my town administration and their opinions. Elections have made me realize
again the importance of the democratic election system based on people's

The JCP Program shows the ways of a democratic revolution and calls for
the establishment of a democratic government as the immediate task. Working
as the town head, I have realized the correctness and importance of these
proposals. I also think it important to get a democratic central government
established as soon as possible.

In the midst of the economic recession caused by the structural
contradictions of capitalist society, I think it necessary to make further
efforts to establish a government which will promise a stable living to
earnest working people. The certificate has helped me renew my determination
to do that.

I am looking forward to taking part in the Akahata Festival to be held on
November 2-4, with the badge proudly displayed on my jacket. (end)