Young people walk in demonstration to protest terrorism and retaliation

Calling for the use of law and reason in response to the terrorist attack
on the U.S. and opposing military retaliation, about 150 young people walked
in demonstration on the evening of September 16 in Shibuya in Tokyo.

To pay their respects to the victims of the terrorist attacks, the
marchers walked carrying candles and singing John Lennon's "Imagine."

The demonstration, organized by a group of young people who are devoted
to a 21st century free of nuclear weapons and wars, was an expression of
their protest against terrorist attacks and military retaliation.

A high school student who was in the parade said that she wanted to
express her wish that she doesn't want a retaliatory war to take place.

The quiet parade won the understanding and compassion of people on the

On September 14, the young people from the group distributed leaflets in
front of Shibuya railway station which called for Japan not to take part in
retaliatory attacks. The 300 copies were gone in just half an hour. (end)