JCP in parliament focuses on struggle to block bill to allow SDF to join
with U.S. Forces in war

The 153rd Extraordinary Session of the Diet opened on September 27 as the
Koizumi Cabinet prepares the Self-Defense Forces to go to a war that the
United States is about to launch against terrorism.

Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro delivered his policy speech. (see
separate item)

JCP Dietmembers

Prior to the opening of the Diet session, Japanese Communist Party
members of both Houses held a meeting. Shii Kazuo, JCP chair, said, "The JCP
must take the lead in the effort to raise the level of public opinion
calling for terrorists to be brought to justice as the way for eradicating

Women lawmakers against terrorism and war for vengeance

About 200 women made up of Dietmembers and local assembly members held a
meeting in the Diet to pledge that they will do all they can to eliminate
terrorism and stop a disastrous cycle of terrorist attacks and military
retaliation from starting.

They were from the Japanese Communist Party, the Liberal Party, the
Social Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party of Japan.

The meeting adopted an appeal expressing criticism of the plan to send
Self-Defense Force units abroad in support of a U.S. war. (end)