Prime minister fails to answer about danger of retaliatory war

Citing devastating damages a U.S. military retaliation may inflict on
innocent people in Afghanistan, Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head
Ichida Tadayoshi asked Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro if he was not
concerned about such a consequence? Koizumi did not answer.

That was during his question period at the House of Councilors Plenary
Session on October 3.

Ichida said, "Many innocent people, including children, may fall victim
in the event of a retaliatory war. Would you say that can't be helped?"

Prime Minister Koizumi just said, "We are not making preparations for war
and retaliation," refusing to answer the question.

Koizumi's refusal to answer was protested by the JCP. House of
Councilors Steering Committee members immediately had a meeting to discuss
the matter. JCP member Hatano Kimie's complaint was dismissed by ruling
party members who said that the prime minister's answer will not be changed.

Akahata on October 4 said that Prime Minister Koizumi's attitude has
revealed how dangerous his determination to help the U.S. use military force
is. (end)