Protests spread throughout Japan against retaliatory war and SDF participation

Protests were organized on October 8 throughout Japan against the
U.S.-led airstrikes against targets in Afghanistan by the Japanese Communist
Party, trade unions, and other peace and democratic organizations.

In Tokyo's Katsushika Ward, a JCP Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member and
JCP Katsushika Ward Assembly members took to the streets to collect
signatures in support of the elimination of terrorism and against a
retaliatory war and new legislation that allows the Self-Defense Forces to
participate in the war.

In Tokyo's Itabashi Ward, 25 women from the New Japan Women's Association
and the local JCP supporters association took the microphone in relay under
a wide banner reading "Women against war."

In Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 150 high school students carried out a "No War
March." Many of the participants were those who joined the march after they
learned about the war while on the streets.

In the Ueno district of Tokyo, dozens of musicians held a "Let's change
the world with peace beats!" at an amphitheater. Shin Sugok, a Korean
businesswoman, called on the audience to travel wearing a cloth on which the
Constitution's Article 9 is printed.

About 110 women and young people marched in demonstration through Nagoya
City. A 72-year-old woman who ran into the march said, "I don't want a
tragedy like the past war of aggression to happen again."

In Izumi City in Osaka Prefecture, four women city assembly members,
including those from the JCP and the Social Democratic Party, organized a
"citizens peace march" with about 100 people taking part.

In Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, JCP local branch members made speeches using a
loudspeaker along side streets and collected signatures.

The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren), the Central Action
Committee against the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty (Anpo-Haki), the Japan
Peace Committee, the Japan Council against A & H Bombs (Gensuikyo), and the
All Japan Teachers and Staff's Union (Zenkyo) have issued statements
denouncing the U.S. military operation and criticizing the Koizumi Cabinet
for intending to get a bill for sending the SDF abroad to be enacted as
early as possible.

A young people's group, "Chance! People's Network for Peace," which has
organized a peace march with a slogan "No terrorism! No war of retaliation!"
has also issued a statement calling for a halt to the military attack. They
sent a copy of the statement to the Prime Minister's Official Residence.