A-bomb survivors' organization Hidankyo celebrates 45th anniversary

The Japan Confederation of A and H Bombs Sufferers Organizations (Nihon
Hidankyo) on October 22 held a ceremony in Tokyo to mark the 45th
anniversary of its founding. Participants encouraged each other and renewed
their determination to carry on the movement for the abolition of nuclear

Yamaguchi Senji, Nihon Hidankyo representative director, in his speech
called on all Hibakusha (atomic and hydrogen bomb victims) to join forces to
get the nuclear weapons states to keep their promise to eliminate their
nuclear arsenals.

He also said that Hibakusha should be at the head of the movement against
sending the Self-Defense Forces abroad in the effort to prevent the
recurrence of tragedies from war and the use of nuclear weapons.

Ishii Ikuko, Japanese Communist Party vice chair and House of
Representatives member, praised the movement for having contributed to
strengthening public opinion calling on the nuclear weapons states to keep
their promise to get nuclear weapons eliminated. (end)