JCP Yoshioka: War-participation bill throws away constitutional principle

Yoshioka Yoshinori, Japanese Communist Party parliamentary leader,
warned: "The so-called anti-terrorism bill will completely undermine Article
9 of the Constitution. It amounts to abandoning the most fundamental
principle of the Japanese Constitution using 'anti-terrorism' as the

Yohioka was questioning the government on October 19 in the House of
Councilors Plenary Session which began the discussion of the bill to allow
Japan's Self-Defense Forces to support the on-going U.S. military activities
against Afghanistan.

Citing a government statement made at the constituent assembly which
adopted the present Japanese Constitution, Yoshioka said: "The Constitution
opposes the idea of using military force as part of Japan's international

He also reminded the government of a resolution stating that the SDF must
not be dispatched abroad.
The resolution was adopted by the House of Councilors
in connection with the founding of the Self-Defense Forces.

Prime Minister Koizumu Jun'ichiro avoided directly answering Yoshioka and
insisted as usual that "there will be no constitutional problem about what
the bill states because Japan's cooperation will not involve the use of
force, and SDF units will only be sent into regions where there is no

Prime minister suggests need for 'rules of engagement'

Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro said rules of engagement will have to
be established for the Self-Defense Forces going to the U.S. retaliatory

This was in answer to Yosioka Yoshinori, JCP parliamentary leader, in the
House of Councilors Plenary Session on October 19.

Establishing "rules of engagement" contradicts the constitutional ban of
the right to belligerence for Japan.