Youth carry out street campaign chanting 'No terrorism, no wars'

Twenty-one major youth organizations in Japan joined toghether in a
street campaign in front of Shibuya Station in Tokyo, calling, "Stop
terrorism, Stop the retaliatory war."

The youth organizations, including the Japan Seinendan (rural youth
organization) Council, the Democratic Youth League of Japan, and the
National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) Youth Section, have issued
a joint appeal to denounce the terrorist attacks and the U.S.-led military
retaliation. The day's action, attended by about 40 representatives, was to
implement the appeal.

They delivered handbills to passers-by saying how youth cannot allow the
government bill that allows the dispatch of Self-Defense Forces units
abroad. The SDF dispatch bill undermines the Constitution's Article 9, they
said. (end)