Zenroren welcomes Rengo's call for joint struggle on job question

The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) leadership has
officially welcomed the call of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation
(Rengo), the other national trade union center, for joint struggle for jobs.

Zenroren's announcement came on October 15 after its executive board
discussed the call Rengo made in a convention resolution of October 5, "On
job security measures against unemployment."

Stressing that "all unions should work to arouse a major firestorm of
struggles against unemployment and for job creation and relief measures for
the unemployed," the Rengo resolution called on "all unions to further
coordinate activities in the effort to face up to the challenges."

In response, Zenroren decided to welcome Rengo's call on all unions for
a common struggle on the issue of employment, saying that the task now is
for all unions and national trade union centers to do all they can to help
alleviate workers' worries about losing jobs and job security.

Zenroren also stated that it will be necessary for the national trade
union centers and many unions to immediately meet to discuss demands and
activities related to job issues. (end)