Government should act responsibly to regulate worker dismissals: JCP in Lower House

Pointing out that large corporate restructuring is a major source of the rising unemployment rate, a Japanese Communist Party representative called on the government to take responsible measures to regulate worker dismissals.

At a House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting on November 12, JCP Yoshii Hidekatsu warned that the unemployment rate will rise further unless the large electronics and auto makers withdraw their restructuring plans to cut 300,000 jobs.

Yoshii said that small- and medium-sized enterprises used to be able to hire those who were dismissed by large corporations, but that's no longer possible.

He said that these companies are gaining profits, and do not satisfy one of four requirements for dismissals to be valid, as established by court, that is, the urgency of dismissals on which the company's existence depends.

Prime Minister Koizumi defended corporate restructuring, saying, "Not all corporate restructuring amounts to loss of jobs."

Yoshii said that local municipalities where these companies are located are calling on the government to legally regulate corporate restructuring to prevent its adverse effects on the locality and the local economy.

Prime Minister Koizumi said, "No revitalization of Japan's economy is possible without corporations surviving. The government is in no position to tell them to stop restructuring for their survival." (end)