Prime minister must tell the U.S. not to use cluster bombs: JCP

Cabinet approves war support plan

Constitutional scholars voice concerns over plan to send SDF abroad

JCP Ichida: Don't remove restrictions on activities under PKO Cooperation Law

Do we dare to cross the Rubicon? -- Akahata editorial, November 15, 2001

Worker dismissals: Should it be legally free or regulated?

You can't find a job if you have no money: Akahata editorial, November 19, 2001

JCP in Diet opposes government plan to increase people's share of medical costs

7,200 people rally in Osaka against adverse revision of medical system

Foreign workers' established union

Campaign to defend Japan's food and agriculture proceeding

Government supplementary budget passes through Lower House; JCP opposing

Parliamentarian group to submit bill on procedures on constitutional revision to next Diet session

Miyama townspeople in referendum say 'No' to nuclear plant plan

Decommissioning reactors should be an option -- Akahata editorial, November 18, 2001

Tokyo District Court in CJD suit holds government and company responsible

JCP-recommended candidate wins Fukushima mayoral election

JCP Chair Shii takes to streets for JCP membership and Akahata readership drive