*Japanese Communist Party Central Committee 3rd Plenum

Promise to reduce burden on Okinawans is still to be met

Naha City Assembly calls for government help for Okinawa's tourism

No terrorism, no foreign bases -- 2001 Japan Peace Conference

Appeal to the International Community for the elimination of terrorism, stopping military attacks and for the support to the people of Afghanistan -- towards a 21st century of peace and justice

International symposium held

JCP will vote for congratulatory message on birth of baby girl of crown princess

Suicides increase as corporate restructuring continues

Unemployment rate in October was record 5.4 percent

"Give us jobs" demonstration held in Tokyo

Vicious spiral of rising unemployment rate is product of corporate restructuring -- Akahata editorial, December 2, 2001

Increased phone consultations by those about to be restructured with labor lawyers

Children call for measures to prevent parents from killing themselves

Fukushima's Yamatsuri Town opposes government policy on municipal merger

Foreign ministry employees are dissatisfied with ministry settlement on 'secret money'

*Skilled small machinery makers rise to break through crisis

*U.S. jingoism can't deal with new developments: Shii

*New German minister to Japan visits JCP head office

*Gov't and ruling parties agree on heavier health insurance burden on workers

*Coordinated efforts by JCP and workers move labor office to direct Hitachi to pay overtime

*Japan's textile manufacturers say import curbs on towels will be in consumers' interests

*SDF now targets 15-year-old boys

*Citizens Organizations demand that Diet not approve PKO law revision bill

*Women's organization protests against Tokyo governor's insult

*Without debate, Lower House approves dispatching SDF warships to the Indian Ocean

*Fishermen disagree with dam construction plan, a blow to government

*Is this Self-Defense Forces' loyalty toward U.S. Forces? -- Akahata editorial, November 29, 2001

*Nago's new U.S. base will destroy coral reef