*Japanese Communist Party Central Committee 3rd Plenum

Koizumi "reform" is to blame for recession -- Akahata editorial, December 9, 2001

20 major companies dismiss 17,000 workers, while hoarding 2.6 trillion yen in 2001

Give up policy of discouraging people from visiting doctors: JCP Shii to Prime Minister

Over 60 percent disapprove Koizumi "medical insurance reform" -- NHK

JCP branch helps NTT workers fight back restructuring attack

Students oppose plan to cut scholarship

Amended PKO Law will help SDF to intervene in world's disputes -- Akahata editorial, December 5, 2001

A view on Bonn accord on Afghanistan

Vice foreign minister hears about U.S. military aircraft's low-flight training

Shii criticizes Israel for taking advantage of U.S. logic on 'war on terrorism'

Vicious circle of terrorism and revenge must end: Akahata

Farmers organizations demand urgent compensation for BSE-related losses

Yamagata is first prefecture to limit class size for all grades

Government and Nago's mayor urge resident to accept new U.S. base plan within December

Women's Int'l War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague judges Hirohito guilty for 'sex slaves'

Unconstitutional bill allowing SDF to take part in U.N. PKF enacted

60th anniversary of outbreak of the Pacific War -- Akahata editorial,
December 8, 2001