Zenroren publishes its analysis of corporate restructuring

The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) and a labor
research institution published a close analysis of various aspects of
corporate restructuring and problems arising from it.

The report cites two major types of corporate restructuring in Japan:
one, through establishing a holding company and creating many firms under
the corporation, as represented by NTT, Japan's largest telecommunications
group, and the other, a means to overcome failures caused by mismanagement,
as represented by electronics companies..

All these restructuring policies are aimed at establishing a new system
that will yield hefty profits through harsh exploitation even at a time of
economic recession, Zenroren says.

The report says that workers must criticize the coalition government of
the Liberal Democratic and Komei parties for supporting corporate

Backed by the government, Japan's business circles are allowing for the
mass of unemployed as a structure and a number of workers on unstable jobs,
such as part-timers, the report says.

Zenroren says that the task now is to organize, hand in hand with the
people, the 2002 Spring Struggle against dismissals and unpaid overtime
work, and for shorter working hours. (end)