2002 FEB 6-FEB 12 JPS NEWS

Koizumi government's submission to the U.S. -- Akahata editorial, February 9, 2002

Ruling parties agree to make salaried workers pay more for medical treatment from April 2003

Labor offices tighten inspections on unpaid overtime work

Effort of Hitachi workers and JCP bear fruit to end unpaid overtime

On 'National Foundation Day' opposition meetings held throughout Japan

Family members, friends, and teachers remember Ehime Maru victims

Toyota workers campaign to eliminate unpaid overtime work

LDP Suzuki may have used his political influence on overseas economic assistance

Small producers and traders rally in Tokyo to end recession-ridden politics

Three-point JCP proposals aimed at humanistic society to replace 'reform' in cold blood

Business circles forecast unemployment rate to rise to 6.4 percent in two years

Labor think tank proposes making funding for job creation more

JCP proposes ban on donations from companies and organizations

Trade union members are anxious about job insecurity

Democratic Party vice president admits to depending on scandal-involved consulting firm

JCP chair demands government stand firmly for Constitution's Article 9 in defense of peace

Unions in Hokkaido calls on Snow Brand Food to cancel 1,000 part-timers' dismissal plan

Government to draft wartime laws in package

Oust agriculture minister for failure in BSE issue

U.S. Forces in Okinawa returned base site with oil drums

Zenroren carries out sit-in for jobs

JCP Shii sends message to convention calling 'return of northern territories'

Wartime legislation was conducive to war: JCP Togashi