JCP requests NTT Kobe branch to stop forcing workers 50 and over to quit

House of Councilors Member Osawa Tatsumi of the Japanese Communist Party went to the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation Kobe Branch on February 21 to request that NTT stop the unlawful act of forcing its workers age 50 and over either to stay at NTT without the right to choose the place of work or to quit and be reemployed by affiliate companies at 30 percent reduced wages.

The NTT group plans to cut 110,000 jobs in the mass restructuring program.

The workers in question have already decided and submitted papers to the management.

Osawa insisted that business information and working conditions of affiliate companies be made open and workers be asked again whether they want to move to the affiliate companies. She also demanded that NTT stop forcing workers to retire at 50.

Pointing out that workers in their 50s may not be able to support their family members if their wages are cut by 30 percent, and that restructuring will cause damage to the local economy, Osawa demanded that the NTT Group fulfill its responsibility to society since it is a major company providing public services and making a large profit.

The assistant manager of the branch declined Osawa's request, saying that there is no other way for NTT to survive the competition and maintain employment. (end)