2002 FEB 27-MAR 5 JPS NEWS

March 1 Bikini Day Rally held

March for the late Kuboyama, victim of U.S. H-bomb test

Japanese A and H bombs survivors' speech draws keen attention of Marshall Islanders

Gensuikyo holds March 1 Bikini Day Rally

Young people actively taking part in March 1 Bikini Day action

Relief team to Mozambique was stopped by Suzuki

Government funding for Northern Islands projects sored when Suzuki Muneo was deputy chief cabinet secretary

NGO chief confirms Suzuki's pressure

JCP: Foreign Ministry report confirms Suzuki's meddling

Government submits bill to further increase workers' burden of medical treatment

Employers are using 2002 Spring Struggle as chance to cut wages -- Akahata editorial, March 2

False labeling of meat is betrayal of consumers and producers -- Akahata editorial, March 4 (excerpts)

A group of workers at Snow Brand calls on union to check management

Writer Inoue Hisashi and 21 'cultural people' oppose moves to control speech

Movement to end discrimination against buraku will change

Message to the 16th Congress of the Communist Party of Spain

JCP has talks with artisan and cultural organizations

Transport and harbor workers' unions call for blocking wartime legislation

Diet must subpoena Suzuki above all else -- Akahata editorial, February 27 (excerpts)

Construction workers in rally calling for jobs

Victims and government agree to settle CJD suit

Officers from five ministries took part in Japan-U.S. CPX

Opposition parties jointly demand Suzuki be summoned as a sworn witness

Government deflation package will only help to accelerate deflationary spiral: JCP

Citizens meet on 10th anniversary of appeal to UN on 'Sex Slaves' issue

Unionized contingent city workers struggle to improve working conditions

JCP Shii: Discussion of budget should follow fraud investigation

Bikini Day Rally international meeting opens

JCP proposes measures to save credit unions

Religious people, workers, and citizens to jointly work to block wartime legislation

Local governments want central government to increase aid for class size reduction