Student unions demand scholarship system be maintained

The All Japan Federation of Student Unions (Zengakuren) held its 53rd Congress from March 8 to 10 in Tokyo, and decided to demand that the government increase the budget for improving student conditions in order to relieve students from worries about money.

Delegates from universities throughout the country adopted a resolution calling for building an academically-friendly environment and in particular increasing activities to maintain scholarship money, solve the problem of students having difficulty finding jobs, reduce tuitions, and improve studying and living conditions. They also decided to organize events to welcome freshmen and increase activities to strengthen Zengakuren-affiliated student unions.

The resolution also called on students to study more about issues of war and peace, including the wartime legislation and the global environment.

Campaigns in opposition to the government proposal for the adverse revision of the government-administered scholarship system are now developing around universities across the nation with help from professors, staff, and parents. Non-Zengakuren member student councils are also carrying out the campaign to collect signatures against the revision.

Zengakuren President Kobayashi Masahiro said he wants to utilize these new ties to set up a network to exchange news and information via email. (end)