Citizens protest at U.S. Forces' NLP

The U.S. Atsugi Naval Base in Kanagawa prefecture held a night-landing practice (NLP) of carrier-based aircraft from 6p.m. of March 12, ignoring calls for its cancellation by mayors, citizens and the Japanese Communist Party in Yamato and Ayase Cities in the prefecture.

The NLP will continue to March 15, from 18:00 to 22:00 daily.

FA-18 fighter attackers and E-2C early-warning aircraft from the U.S. aircraft-carrier Kitty Hawk repeated touch-and-go exercises in three to six minute intervals, causing great noise over quiet residential areas.

Right below the flight course of the NLP, some 20 members of the local Peace Committee monitored the exercise as part of their protest action.

A member said, "The roar is awful even in the daytime. I'm afraid that aircraft may crash on us at any moment. NLPs must be ended." (end)